Weekend with Atlas

This week we launched our house sitting adventures
with a lovable Great Dane in Lane Cove.
It was an easy and comfortable sit, the only nervous
moment being when we first arrived, coming face to face with
our drooling fifty kilogram charge – the owners had already
left home for the weekend and we had never met Atlas before…
But it turned out that he wasn’t at all bothered by the arrival
of two strangers in his territory and he welcomed us with his loud
inhalations, sniffing and looking at us nonchalantly like we
weren’t quite who he was expecting. Adorable on a large scale!
His favourite thing was to go to the nearby park where he could
bound off leash with his doggy friends, play fetch and do
herculean poos in the shrubbery – two stomach churning
handfuls in each evacuation.
At home afterwards he would syphon down a bucket of water,
politely request a belly rub and fall asleep on the living room floor.
He was well-trained and obedient, showing affection not just toward
us, but also to Albus, his companion cat.
The weekend passed by in a furry flash, and saying goodbye was
sooooo sad…

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