Pecel Lele (fried catfish with chilli sambal)

1 whole catfish (700g)
2 tbls peanuts, fried and pounded
1 small onion
3 cloves garlic
6 long red chillies
1cm galangal
1 tomato, pureed
1 tsp palm sugar
1 tsp Maggi seasoning sauce
lettuce leaves
1 tomato, sliced
Thai basil sprigs
lemon basil sprigs

Puree together onion, garlic, chillies and galangal.
Heat 1 tbls oil and fry paste until aromatic.
Add tomato puree, palm sugar, 2 tbls water,
peanuts and Maggi seasoning – cook 5 minutes.
Score fish, dust with flour and fry until cooked and golden.
Serve fish with lettuce, tomato, basil sprigs, rice
and pecel sauce on the side.

Inspired by warung on corner of Jalan Cendana and Jalan Selam, Bandung