Nam Prik Pao (chilli jam)

Use in soups, stir-fries or as a dipping sauce.

50g (4 tbls) sliced shallots
40g (3 tbls) sliced garlic
20g (15) dried red chillies
1 or 2 tbls dried prawns, pounded to floss
2 tbls thick tamarind water
2 tbls fish sauce
3 tbls palm sugar
1/2 cup oil (don’t be shy)

Fry shallots until brown – set aside.
Fry garlic until golden – set aside.
Fry chillies until just crisp – don’t overdo it.
Puree together shallots, garlic, chillies
and tamarind water.
Return jam to oil with fish sauce, palm sugar
and extra water if needed – cook until smooth and dark.
Store in fridge several months and use as needed.

Inspired by Jai Poon Lap seaside eatery, Pratchuap Kiri Khan