Tom Yum Goong

300g large raw prawns
5 slices galangal, bruised
2 stalks lemongrass, sliced and bruised
5 kaffir lime leaves, torn
2 cloves garlic, bruised
5 green birds eye chillies, bruised
2 Asian shallots, sliced
4 tbls fish sauce
1 tsp sugar
100g straw OR button mushrooms, halved
6 cherry tomatoes, halved
1.5 tbls nam prik pao (see recipe)
3 tbls evaporated milk
4 tbls lime juice
2 tbls coriander leaves

Peel and de-vein prawns – set aside.
Dry-fry prawn heads and shells until colour changes,
then add 3 cups water and bring to boil – strain.
Return prawn broth to simmer and add galangal,
lemongrass, lime leaves, garlic, chillies, shallots
and fish sauce – simmer 2 minutes.
One by one add – sugar, mushrooms, prawns, tomatoes,
nam prik pao and evaporated milk – bring to simmer,
then remove from heat and add lime juice.
Serve immediately garnished with coriander leaves.

Inspired by Jai Poon Lap seaside eatery, Pratchuap Kiri Khan